Boveda® Humidity Control Bag 58%

Cure and store your cannabis at a constant and optimal humidity by adding a Boveda Humidity Control Pack to your cannabis container.

This maximizes flavor and potency retention and takes away the harshness of smoking.

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Boveda Humidity Control Bag 58%

When storing cannabis, it is important to maintain an optimal and constant level of humidity. This is the only way to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the flowers, even during prolonged storage.

Boveda is a 2-way humidity control system that absorbs moisture when it gets too wet and gives off moisture when it gets too dry.

This works on the natural principle of osmosis:
Each Boveda pack contains a bag of natural salts and a bag of pure water. Both bags are connected with a permeable membrane so water can pass through, absorbing or releasing moisture as needed. This regulation keeps the relative humidity in the storage box at a constant 58% or 62% relative humidity, depending on the pack.

Both values ​​are excellent for cannabis flowers and which one to use is mainly a matter of personal preference.


Put the Boveda pack in the storage container with your cannabis.

When the pack gets hard, replace it. The bigger the pack and the more packs are used, the longer they last.

The 4g bag is enough for about 15 grams of cannabis

The 8g bag is enough for about 30 grams of cannabis

The 67g bag is enough for about 450 grams of cannabis

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