Shipping to The UK


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What changed?

Unfortunately The UK is no longer a country option on our website. We removed it because The EU freedom of shipping rules will no longer apply to The UK.

We would now be obliged to put the invoice for your order on the outside of the package for customs inspection. Because that is not the privacy you are used to when ordering our products, we thought it best to stop the shipments and avoid any unpleasantries. We will continue normal shipping in the future if and when this changes.

What now?

For now, we can make an order for you if the order totals less then £135,- and the shipping address is a business with a UK EORI number. Please be advised that any issues during shipping would be at your risk.

If you would like us to make an order for you, please let us know what you want to order and supply your address information including your phone number, the EORI number and the email address you would like to use for the tracking link and confirmation emails.

Brexit Update:

We have been shipping to the UK post brexit with the invoice on the outside and there have been no issues so far. We also hear they wont actually start checking until June although that could change at any time.

We now also need a UK EORI number to ship to th UK. This means we can only ship orders to business addresses.


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