Bud Candy - 250ml - Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients created an organic source of carbohydrates, specifically designed to increase terpene production of your plants by feeding the beneficial rhizobacteria in your soil. This complex process is made easy and affordable with Bud Candy.

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Contents: One bottle of Bud Candy contains 250ml of liquid nutrients for your plants.

Carbohydrates nourish the beneficial microbes in your root zone

To give a short explanation about the powers of Bud Candy, there are some basics you need to understand about the root zone and benificial rhizobacteria in your soil.
Firstly,your plants are already hard at work to make the carbohydrates they need through photosynthesis. It’s a time-consuming, high-energy process and it demands a lot of your crop’s attention.
Now, when you deliver carbohydrates fertilizer to your garden’s root zone you nourish the beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere, which in turn help to create the optimal conditions for unlocking the biggest, most potent buds possible.

In other words, you’re increasing your cannabis plants’ energy reserves and they can tap into that energy during the ripening stage. Imagine harvesting the highest concentrations of terpenes you’ve ever achieved.

By feeding the microbes that work hard for your garden, you’re giving them the fuel they need to support optimal nutrient uptake. Basically, you’re priming your underground network for maximum efficiency. And remember, bigger roots equal bigger fruits.

Now, through 20 years of plant-specific research, Advanced Nutrients has reached an important conclusion about carbohydrate additives:

Not all carbohydrate additives are created equal.

In fact, crude forms of sugar do little to support your plants. Many of these low-grade molasses products are loaded with sulfur, which can actually throw off your nutrient ratios, leaving you worse off than you were before adding them!

Bud Candy was composed with all of this in mind, creating an all encompassing carbohydrate solution for the tastiest terpenes!

The joy of terpene maximization

After years of research and development, Advanced Nutrients identified the optimal blend of carbohydrates fertilizer for growers seeking their most flavorful yields yet.

When you add this premium product to your nutrient lineup, you’re getting:

  • Five different sources of carbohydrates, a starting point to terpene production for unlocking fragrant, flavorful yields
  • A combination of simple and complex carbohydrates for nourishing beneficial microbes, expanding your root zone and providing critical nutrition for huge, aromatic yields.
  • The essential secondary nutrient magnesium, so you can support optimal chlorophyll production and stabilize plant productivity

And the results speak for themselves. With Bud Candy growers get the critical ingredients they need to unlock potent cannabis crop after crop. Their gardens swell in size, getting sweeter by the week. Their friends’ jaws drop every time they get a whiff of the end product.

The organic bloom system

Advanced Nutrients' organic bloom system combines Big Bud and Bud Candy during a specific period of time in bloom phase because the two formulas complement each other for increased floral size and quality. You’ll see maxed floral growth using these two formulas together. Even though they work optimally when used together, both can be used individually to enhance each specific aspect of the bloom phase. Another great combination is to feed the microorganisms from Voodoo Juice with Bud Candy. Voodoo's rhizobacteria love the carbohydrates offered by Bud Candy, increasing floral growth and trichome production.

All you need to do is put it to work in your next bloom phase and watch your plants amplify their potency and irresistible aromas. So why wait to discover what the top growers already know?

bud candy feed schedule

Nutrient Calculator

Advanced Nutrients developed a nutrient calculator that shows you which additional nutrient solutions can be combined and in what amounts. You simply select the used base nutrient, the grower level of choice and the mixing container size that you use for your beneficial concoction. It will then show you a detailed account of the different types of nutrient solutions and amounts to add for the most optimal results! You can click here to get direct access.

More Information
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
Growing Stage Flowering Stage
Nutrient Type Bud Enhancer, Terpene Enhancer
Organic No
Coco Safe Yes
Advanced Nutrients Quantity 250ml
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