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Jungle Juice Grow — A cost-effective yet insanely powerful method for growing massive yields — withOUT sacrificing control over your harvest. Combined with Jungle Juice Bloom and Jungle Juice Micro this makes for the best three part base nutrient out there.

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Contents: One bottle of Jungle Juice Grow contains 1l of liquid nutrients for your plants grow phase. It is perfectly matched with Jungle Juice Bloom and Jungle Juice Micro to cover a full grow and flower cycle.

Take total control of your grow room

So you’re a bit of a mad scientist in the grow room. Several stores have tried to sell you on a two-part, or even one-part, base nutrient. But you want to have total control over your feeding regimen. Down to dialing in the exact ratio of micronutrients for both grow phase and bloom phase.

No doubt, this extreme flexibility is a large part of what makes you a successful grower. And you already have your own trusted recipe for heavy yields of high-value flowers. So why fix what’s not broken?

Because now you don’t need to choose between three-part base nutrients and 21st century, science-backed optimizations... You can have the best of both worlds.

Flow with the grow

Jungle Juice Grow will offer you just that! Whichever micro- and macro-nutrients you use will decide the health of your plants, and ultimately the quality and quantity of your harvest. By using Jungle Juice Grow (especially in combination with Jungle Juice Bloom and Jungle Juice Micro), you will have total control of each phase of the life cycle of your precious ladies. It's easy to use and affordable, making it the first choice for those looking for a booming bloom!

Let's dive a little deeper

Most of the three-part base nutrients out there simply can’t live up to modern standards. You see, these formulas were first made in the 1970s, and have remained virtually untouched for the last 50 years! Now, imagine if doctors still used the same exact medicines they prescribed half a century ago, without lifting a finger to upgrade the formulas. Most people wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about using those outdated medicines to stay healthy. Let alone unlock optimal performance. And the same way, your plants shouldn’t be forced to absorb 50-year-old formulas to promote their own peak performance!

An updated formula with superior ingredients

Yes. That’s right. Now, you can still rely on your favorite base nutrient recipe and dial in the nutrient ratios to your liking, all while reaping the benefits of better ingredients AND tighter quality control. But it doesn’t stop there, because we know another huge draw to the three-part base nutrient system is the ability to finetune a feeding program that stays within your budget. Which is why we developed a cost-effective base nutrient system that doesn’t skimp on quality or performance. It’s called Jungle Juice.

When you use Jungle Juice, you get to stick with what’s familiar and enjoy full flexibility over your nutrient ratios. WithOUT ever having to worry that your comfort zone is depriving you of maximum yields and a better end product.

Advanced Nutrients' expert team has worked tirelessly developing a solution that changes the game for three-part base nutrients.

A solution that

  • Undergoes stringent quality control measures, ensuring there’s zero variation between batches.
  • Features a broad spectrum of high-quality micronutrients, so your plants don’t miss a single component vital for growth
  • Contains four absorbable forms of iron… An essential micronutrient, especially if you’re growing in coco coir.

And enables you to meet all your plants’ needs as they develop from seed to senescence.

The most popular grow- and bloom enhancer

No matter how many years pass, or how many base nutrients start flooding the market, Jungle Juice remains the most popular options among veteran growers in every one of the 107 countries we’re in. Simply because Jungle Juice is everything you already know and love about three-part basenutrients, engineered with even BETTER ingredients. This is the base nutrient that’s managed to convince even the most discriminating vets to try something new. The product that’s made old-school growers adjust the trusted recipes they’ve relied on for decades. That’s right. Even with countless other base nutrient options out there.

Jungle Juice has proven itself to be the tried and true base for thousands of growers across the globe. And as soon as you watch how your plants respond to the high-quality micronutrients, and how much control you still have over your garden’s development, it will become clear why they made the switch.


Follow these simple instructions designed by the Advanced Nutrients research team

For Best Results:
Nutrient Solutions: Mix a new réservoir weekly.
Coco: Daily.
Other Substrates: 2-4 times/week as necessary.


• Use a conductivity or ppm meter to monitor water quality and control nutrient strength. Drain, discard and replace nutrient every week or two to prevent nutrient imbalance.

• Maintain nutrient pH between 5.5 and 6.3. Adjustment may be necessary since water quality and pH vary both regionally and seasonally.

• Refer to the Basic Applications Table below for mixing recommendations. Please measure accurately. Reduce nutrient strength if plants show signs of stress, or if growing in very bright, hot or dry environments. Always add Jungle Juice Micro to fresh water first and mix in well, then add Jungle Juice Grow and/or Jungle Juice Bloom. Never combine Jungle Juice Micro with Jungle Juice Grow or Jungle Juice Bloom in undiluted form; doing so may cause nutrient lockout making some minerals unavailable. This product is concentrated to the limit of solubility. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight. If crystallization occurs, mix entire contents.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice feeding schedule

Nutrient Calculator

Advanced Nutrients developed a nutrient calculator that shows you which additional nutrient solutions can be combined and in what amounts. You simply select the used base nutrient, the grower level of choice and the mixing container size that you use for your beneficial concoction. It will then show you a detailed account of the different types of nutrient solutions and amounts to add for the most optimal results! You can click here to get direct access.

More Information
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
Growing Stage Growth Stage
Nutrient Form Liquid
Nutrient Type Base Nutrients
Organic No
Coco Safe No
Nutrients Quantity 1L
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