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The effect of vaporizing is the purest high you can imagine

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Most people smoke cannabis in a joint or a pipe. The Vaporizor can be used for heating dried plants (herbs), without burning, so you can inhale the etherical oils of the plants, without the unuseful bad compounts, such as tar. Some examples of plants that can be vaporized are:Eucalyptus, Mint, Marihuana, Chamomile, thyme, hyssop. After vaporising, when the plant is done a brownish powder remains, no tar or ashes!


Marihuana and hashish contain THC. This is the component of the plant which makes you high. With a Vaporizer you gently heat dried marihuana or hashish, without burning it, so the THC and the etherical oils vaporise. This way you inhale all the good parts of the plant without the tar and other unhealthy stuff. On the pictures you can see the cristals on the marihuanaplant ,which contains THC


A Vaporizor consists of a glass system with a hot-airgun. The hot-airgun is adjustable between a temperature of 50 and 650 C. Hot air, ± 200 °C, blows through the head with marihuana into a resevoir with water, and is cooled and undone of little particles, which may have blown with the airstream. A soft aromatic vapor containing THC and flavors can be sucked from the long glass tube. The design makes it possible to have an overview of the process. A safety-valve prevents water coming into the head or hot-airgun, when one accidentally coughs into the vaporiser. By keeping the vapor in the lungs for a while, you increase the effect. Because the vapor is very soft this is quite easy.

Vaporizing has four important advantages above burning, as in smoking:Vaporising is a clean way of (non)smoking.You need less marihuana as you can re-use your dose three to four times in the vaporizor (Verdamper) with a good result.

A delicious aromatic taste of the flowers that is soft and gentle for the lungs is produced by the vaporizor.The effect of vaporizing is the purest high you can imagine.

Four important advantages above burning:

  1. Vaporizing is a clean way of (non)smoking. Scientifical testings prove that in the process of burning cancerous matter develops such as tar and carbon monoxyde, which are hazardous for lungs and health. Cannabis is supposed to contain four times the amount of tar in tobacco! Vaporising is therefor very suitable for the medicinal use of marihuana.
  2. You need less marihuana as you can re-use your dose three to four times in the vaporisor (Verdamper) with a good result. When you smoke, all the material is released in one hit, but with vaporizing, there is a step by step release of the THC so you can not easily be overdosed. Some of our clients have cut down to half of their usual amount. Also because the high is more pure and intense, it makes that you need less marihuana to feel good.
  3. A delicious aromatic taste of the flowers, that is soft and gentle on the lungs, is produced by the vaporisor. It tastes nothing like the tar of smoke, which can also be sharp in the lungs. Vaporising is a good way of testing the quality of your marihuana, as you can taste exactly what you are using.
  4. The effect of vaporizing is the purest high you can imagine. Compared to the waterpipe the vaporizor comes on gently, but gives you a high that is more intense and clear. Vaporizing is done without tobacco. Marihuana and tobacco have a contrary effect, so a combination of these two makes you get dull and tired sooner and you need to smoke more to feel o.k. This is sheer an effect of the addiction of tobacco.


  • The Verdamper consists of the following parts:
  • Heating element
  • Head with screen
  • Inhalation tube
  • Safety valve
  • Connecting tube between head and jar
  • Jar
  • Adapter / holder for heating element 220 V / Standard European plug
  • Brushes and grease for the connecting pieces


Read the instructions before use. The heating element gets extremely hot: use the grip to hold it! Keep the element away from inflammable substances, pets and children. Turn the heating element off when not in use.

More Information
Portable / Home Home
Digital Yes
Material Glass
Runs on Main
Charger type Main socket
Power Rating 220v
Delivery method Direct draw
Compatability Concentrates, Herbs, Oils
Heat-up time 10min
Adjustable temperature No
Temperature presets No
Maximum Temperature ± 200 °C,
Auto shut off No
Modular extendable No
Mobile app No
Warranty 1 Year
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