Hawaiian Spore Print - Copelandia cyanescens

This Copelandia cyanescens spore print contains millions of spores. Spores are suitable for the advanced grower who wants to be closely involved in the growing process.

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Copelandia cyanescens - Hawaiian

Copelandia cyanescens mushrooms, also known as wavy caps or 'kaalkopjes' are a very potent species of magic mushroom. They are hard to grow compared to psilocybe cubensis strains but are much more potent per gram. They are even more potent than Psilocybe semilanceata, and Psilocybe azurescens. These mushrooms are notoriously hard to fruit inside but can grow outside relatively easily in an appropriate climate, which includes Europe.

Spores are packed in a protective atmosphere and can be kept for a number of years. The spores can be sent to almost any country without a problem.

Substrate: dung, grain

Growing conditions:






18-24°C (64°-75°F) 7-13°C
10-18°C (50-65°F)
Relative Humidity %
95-100 95-100 90-95
Duration (days)
45-60 10-14 10-20
CO2 (ppm)
>5000 1000-2000 <1000
FAE per hour

(fresh air exchange)

0-1 4-6 4-8
Light (lux)
200-800 400-800



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Species of Magic Mushroom Copelandia Cyanescens
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