Violet Glass Herb Jars

Violett Glass Jars by Miron. Ideal for curing and storing herb.


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In this storage jar made of violet glass by Miron, plant substances are kept perfectly, since the violet glass protects optimally against harmful light. As a result, durability and efficacy are extended. If plant parts are still exposed to light after maturation, this accelerates the molecular decomposition process.
Miron violet glass acts like a natural filter, leaving only the components of the light that protect or improve the quality of high-quality substances.

The inner parts of plants dry very well in the glasses of 'Miron' and the chlorophyll which is reponsible for violent scratching during smoking, is reduced - for a mild smoking pleasure with full taste!

Also for the users of vaporizers a proper fermentation is worthwhile because of the more effective extraction of the aromas, it tastes even better.

All Violet Glass Jars come with a screw cap that closes the jar airtight.


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