Kola Nut Powder (Cola Nitida)

Excellent quality, very finely powdered Kola nuts from the Ivory Coast, Africa.

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Family: Sterculiaceae (Cacao family)

Cola nitida (Kola nut) has been used historically to increase the capacity for physical exertion and for enduring fatigue without food. Historcally it is said to help to strengthen the body, contribute to physical well-being and support energetic alertness.[1]  In countries like Nigeria and Cameroon, the chewing of Kola nuts is an important social gesture. These nuts accompany political meetings, business meetings and many rituals. Of course, Kola nuts also became known around the world as one of the main ingredients of Coca Cola.

Other names: Kola Seeds. Gurru Nuts. Bissy Nuts. Cola Seeds. Guru Nut.


Kola nut is a strong energizing substance. Like coffee it stimulates and reduces the need of sleep, but the psychoactive effect is stronger and different. It increases the mental and physical power, f.e. with sports, dancing or even sex. It burns the body resources, that’s why kola nut can be used as fatburner and during diets.


One teaspoon mixed in coffee, tea or other liquids gives a nice energetic kick. Higher dosages increase the kick. Inbetween 2-6 teaspoons is RDA (recommended daily allowance)
You can sweeten your drink by adding some honey or mix it into yoghurt.
Kola nut can be combined with guarana or ephedra very well.


50 or 100 gram


Key constituents are caffeine (2.0-3.5%), theobromine (1.0-2.5%), tannins and phenolics, including d-catechin, l-epicatechin, kolatin, and kolanin. Also contains phlobaphens, the antocyanin pigment kola red, betaine, protein and starch.


Pregnant women should not consume Kola nut. Do not consume Kola nut if you have a heart disorder, high blood pressure, insomnia, or ulcers. People that are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants in general should also refrain from ingesting Kola nut. Kola nuts contain compounds that are thought to be carcinogenic, when consumed on a daily basis over a long period of time.

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