Kushie Kush - 500ml - Advanced Nutrients

Kushie Kush® — The ONLY bloom booster designed to meet the unique needs of your kush plants.

NPK: 1-3-8

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Contents: One bottle of Kushie Kush Bloom booster contains 500ml of liquid nutrients, specially created to give your kush the best it deserves.

A push for your kush

Looking at all the different cannabis genetics that have been developed over the years, one could imagine each strain having their own needs. Advanced Nutrients went beyond imagining and did the hard science. 

See, when it comes to getting the most from your kush the right PK ratio is CRUCIAL. This is just one example of how kush has needs different from those of any other strain. Maximizing the value of your kush requires a kush-specific bloom booster, one created explicitly to produce the highest quality yields of compound-rich bud possible.

Which is why Advanced Nutrients engineered Kushie Kush® — the only bloom booster designed specifically to unlock the genetic potential of your kush. When you put Kushie Kush® to work in your garden, your plants will absorb the optimal levels of phosphorus and potassium for this unique strain. This kush-specific PK ratio is for producing the highest quality, compound-rich, bud possible, making it great for growing your favorite OG strain.

Don’t wait to discover the difference between generic bloom boosters and a kush-specific solution.

Kushie Kush feed chart

Nutrient Calculator

Advanced Nutrients developed a nutrient calculator that shows you which additional nutrient solutions can be combined and in what amounts. You simply select the used base nutrient, the grower level of choice and the mixing container size that you use for your beneficial concoction. It will then show you a detailed account of the different types of nutrient solutions and amounts to add for the most optimal results! You can click here to get direct access.

More Information
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
Growing Stage Flowering Stage
Nutrient Type Bud Enhancer, Terpene Enhancer
Organic No
Coco Safe Yes
Advanced Nutrients Quantity 500ml
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