Mulungu (Erythrina mulungu)

Mulungu is well known as one of the most powerful naturally occurring tranquilizers.

Content: 50 grams

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The mulungu tree is known by two botanical names, Erythrina mulungu and Erythrina verna. The tree is  also sometimes called "coral flower", as the flowers resemble the colour of orange coral.

In Brazil, mulungu has been used for a long time as a natural sedative. It is said to bring balance during stressfull times.

For a long time, kava kava has been nature's most widely used sedative. However, this plant gained a lot of negative publicity because of its possibly damaging effects on the liver. Mulungu has the same sedating qualities (if not more) as kava kava. Thishas made mulungu one of the most popular natural tranquilizers worldwide.

About half of a cup of a standard bark tea (per day) is considered to be a normal dosage.

A tea is commonly made of 1 teaspoon powdered herb or 2 teaspoons of cut herb per 250ml of boiling water. Cover and reduce heat to medium so that the mixture stays at a good simmer, and keep covered for 20 minutes. Then the tea can be cooled, strained and consumed.

Mulungu is a sedative and may cause drowsiness. It's recommended that those on medications to lower blood pressure and those with low blood pressure use mulungu with caution and monitor their blood pressure accordingly.

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Strength 3
Duration 5 Hours
Quantity 50g
Form Shredded
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