Passion Flower - (Passiflora incarnata)

Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) originally grows in Asia and North-America, but is cultivated almost everywhere. The leaves have three or five lobes with finely serrated edges and solitary white flowers containing a purple, blue or pink crown in the center.

Content: 25 grams

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Passion flower herb has an overall calming effect. It could be used to help you sleep better. It also helps to relax when facing stressful conditions.

In larger quantities it may have a mild hallucinogenic effect. Some people combine it with magic mushrooms to intensify the shroom trip.


25 grams


Passionflower is often combined with herbs like damiana, lobelia, skullcap and hops (Humulus lupulus). It can be drunk as a tea. Steep 2 grams in 150 ml of hot water for half an hour. Drink this up to 3 – 4 times a day.
For a very strong and immediate effect, you can also use 10 to 20 grams at once. At such dosages, be aware of the MAO-inhibiting effects.
As for the powder, mix one teaspoon in a glass of juice or water. You can also mix the powder with some yoghurt or pudding.


Warning: Passionflower is a mild MAO-inhibitor. This means it can be dangerous when combined with certain foods or psychoactives. Even some that are totally harmless when taken by themselves.

Read more about MAO-i's here:

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