Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)

Peppermint makes a calming tea that soothes an upset stomach and aides in digestion. It can also be added to food, drinks and smoking mixtures for added flavour.

Content: 50 grams

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Peppermint is a hybrid mint, namely a cross between the watermint (Mentha aquatica) and spearmint (Mentha spicata). Peppermint has a high menthol content, and is often used as a flavoring.

Peppermint is a calming agent to soothe an upset stomach or to aid in digestion.

For digestion it's best to make a tea out of the leaves and drink a small amount with or prior to meals. To enjoy the pleasing and refreshing fragrance, put a few leaves in a vaporizer, or spread the aroma throughout your room by heating them in a Potpourri lamp.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should drink peppermint tea only in moderation and those with a history of miscarriage should not use peppermint at all while pregnant.

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Strength 1
Duration 4 Hours
Quantity 50g
Form Shredded
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