" Schmand-Weg" Bong Cleaning Concentrate

Bongs with percolators, diffusers and HoneyCombs - all well and good, but how can you get these bongs clean again without their often fragile elements breaking? This can be done very easily and without the risk of breakage with ‘Schmand Weg', a classic among bong cleaners!

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Contents: 150g Bong cleaning concentrate in powder form.

Cleaning your beloved bongs, pipes, diffusers and Honeycombs is now a matter of childs play with 'Schmand Weg', the powdered cleaning concentrate that only needs some water and a little patience.

Usage: Depending on the degree of blurring and the size of the bong, fill in 1-3 tablespoons Schmand Weg ‘, if necessary, seal the kick and ground hole with a stopper and fill the bong up with hot water. Wait 10 minutes, shake well and pour out. Rinse with hot water until the water runs clear again. Repeat the process if necessary. Finished!

The bong including percolator, diffuser, HoneyComb and the like shines again and looks like new, without any effort. Smaller parts such as bowls, sieves, bangers, adapters etc. are simply placed in a solution of cleaning concentrate and hot water for about 10 minutes to clean.

‘Schmand Weg‘ is suitable for all bongs and pipes made of glass, ceramic and (non-anodized) metal. Not suitable for pipes made of acrylic or other plastics.

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