Sananga Kaxinawa - 5ml

Advanced Tech Kaxinawa Sananga drops in different strengths. The bottles were sterilized after packing. After opening the bottle, it must be stored in the fridge.

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Sananga Kaxinawa _5ml
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Contents: Packed in 5 ml clear glass bottles with a pipette dropper.

This Sananga is offered in the strengths mild and medium. Mild and medium strenghts are suited for the newcomer of Sananga. If you would like to get a stronger one, please check out our Sananga Katukina, which also comes in strong and extreme, for the more experienced Sananga user.

This is a beautiful, very vivid Sananga that will purify your vision and calm your mind. Recommended by its makers to take before going to ceremony to enter with a clear and empty mind. A beautiful strong Sananga made with the big leaf variety of Tabernaemontana undulata, obtained from the Kaxinawa tribe. This Sananga is made in a laboratory using the dried rootbark.

Our "Advanced Tech" Sananga is made using an advanced technique that has evolved from continued research and development over the last few years of making and offering Sananga. This technique utilizes a concentrated "20:1 Sananga essence" that we dilute into different strengths with distilled water.

Sananga is made from a potent rootbark and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub, a "Milkwood" species in the family Apocynaceae.

The bottles were sterilised after filling them. It is advised to keep the bottles refrigerated at all times to ensure a long shelf life.

Lay back relaxing on the floor. Start with one drop per eye. It is easiest if somebody else applies it to you. Try not to touch your eyes for the Sananga to have the best effect. Once applied, breathe deeply and focus on your heart area.

It is important NOT to use Sananga while wearing lenses or when you have any damage on your eye.

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