Trichome Microscope For Smartphones (Royal Queen Seeds)

Attach the RQS Microscope for Smartphones to your iOS or Android device to unveil every last detail of your cannabis plants. Inspect insect species to tell the bad guys from the good, track the colour of your trichomes to determine the very best time to harvest, and blow your friends' minds at the next smoking session with crystal-clear macro images of your beloved crop.

  • Includes charge cable and lens swipe
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RQS Microscope for Smartphone: See Cannabis Plants in a New Light

The RQS Microscope for Smartphones enables growers to get up close and personal with their cannabis plants. Carry this pocket-sized device with you wherever you go. At only 5.5cm long, 2.3cm wide, and 1.2cm high—and weighing just 11g—this device takes up almost no room, yet offers so much.

Use the 100x zoom to inspect your plants and experience them at a level you never have before. Clip the device over your smartphone camera to take impressive macro photography shots and videos. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, you’ll always encounter insects of some kind. By looking at them up close, you’ll get to know the life that occupies your growing space. You’ll quickly develop the ability to tell the pests from the beneficial species—a skill that will help you protect your plants and optimise yields.

Growers can also use the RQS Microscope for Smartphones to identify the perfect time to harvest their buds. Keep a close eye on the trichomes, and watch them turn from clear, immature specimens into milky and cloudy structures loaded with THC and other cannabinoids.

The six LED lights fixed around the lens mean this device isn’t scared of the dark. You’ll have no problem viewing your plants up close during early mornings in the garden or under the cover of darkness at your guerrilla growing location.

Constructed from aluminium, the RQS Microscope for Smartphones boasts a durable body. It’s compatible with almost 98% of smartphones, including a huge range of iOS and Android devices.

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