Vape Wool Hemp Fibre -1,5g

Vape Wool consists of degummed hemp fibers and is used to vape hashish and other concentrates like wax or oil in a vaporizer.

Contents: 1.5 grams

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Each Vaper knows the problem that especially resinous substances such as hashish, are difficult to use in a vaporizer. As soon as the hashish warms up, it runs together and clumps up. Clumped up it doesn't vaporize properly because too little surface area is available. It can even run into your vaporizer and ruin it. You can mix the hashish with herbs to prevent it from clogging together, but this has the disadvantage that the herbs dilute the pure hashish flavor and it can impact the effect as well.

'Vape Wool' hemp wool is tasteless, temperature resistant up to at least 240 °C. It consists of 100% natural hemp fibers that have been degummed and bleached, leaving the fiber soft and receptive like wool. It makes it possible to enjoy the pure hashish or concentrate taste.

In addition, it keeps the heating chamber free from sticky residues and prevents possible damage to the vaporizer. It can also be used as cleaning wool for cleaning heating chambers and bong heads. We recommend wiping the still warm heating chamber with the used hemp fibers directly after each Vape session. If you vaporize liquid or syrupy extracts, the hemp fiber makes for a perfect drop pillow.

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