Dynavap VapCap Coloured 'M' 2020

The famous Dynavap Vapcap now comes in three beautifully shimmering colours: RosiuM, AzuriuM and PhantoM.
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Coloured Generation
Available now are this year's 2020 M colours:

The PhantoM
The PhantoM returns with a little twist. The PhantoM is the most durable color and now offers a grey-dient that shifts giving it an enchanting oil slick appearance.

The RosiuM

By popular demand, the RosiuM makes its comeback. Now, with even more magenta and gold vibrancy across the numerous facets. Overheating your RosiuM may induce engaging changes in coloration.

The AzuriuM

Behold the blue thermal canvas; AzuriuM. While the blue color is delicate, it is also alluring. Upon exceeding normal operating temperatures, its hidden superpower emerges! Like a paintbrush in the hands of an artist, your torch can summon a spectrum of photonic wavelengths.

The new Vapcap Coloured 2020 'M'
The Dynavap team have really outdone themselves with their newest creation. The 2020 VapCap 'M' is a true feat of technology and the colour range adds another dimension of beauty and wonder to this already nice device. This battery-free vaporizer is designed to give the best vaping experience with the least effort. Experience an amazingly indestructible one-hitter, without having to charge your batteries ever again!

Versatile in use and results
This beautifully crafted vaporizer will allow you to find the perfect vaping experience due to it's many hidden features.

The VapCap 'M' will give the best results by rolling the tip in a jet-flame lighter. It's convection functions will best be noted when the upper part of the cap is heated. When heat is applied on the mid-section of the cap, the conduction function of the vaporizer will be added to the convection, resulting in greater clouds and stronger effects.

When heating the cap, a bi-metal in the cap will indicate the temperature by signalling a *click*. Once the *click* is heard (or felt), the vaporizer is on temperature and it's time to start vaping flavourful clouds of goodness. There is a carb (a.k.a. a kickhole) on the side of the stem. This carb is called an air-port, since it will act in a different way than your normal carb. The use of this air-port will increase airflow towards the herb chamber, resulting in more convection action.

Part of it's versatility are the different ways in which the cap can be heated. The best results can be found by using a double or tripe torch jet-flame. However, a normal lighter, candle, or even a glowing hot coal can be used to heat the vapcap. This will invite you to experiment with different heat sources to find the perfect vaping experience.

It will only take a matter of seconds to heat the Vapcap to vaping temperature. This can save you a lot of "heating up" time that is the norm with electric vaporizers.

The Vapcap is easy to disassemble. This will provide fast and easy maintenance. There are four parts that need a cleaning every once in a while: the cap, the stem, the tip and the condenser which is inside of the stem. These can be cleaned by laying them in isopropyl alcohol after which they need a rinse with soap and hot water. This is quick, easy and your 'M' will look and taste as new

Microdosing to the max
Because of it's small size, the Vapcap is convenient for discreetly vaping your favorite herb. The small heating chamber has enough room to contain a microdose as well as a normal vaping dose. Either way, it will work brilliantly to deliver the necessary amount of vapor for any non-combustion enthousiast.

Instruction video
To understand the several technologies and applications of the Vapcap 'M' 2020, it will be useful to watch these video's

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