Wormwood Fine Cut - Artemisia absinthium - Absinthe

The in 1792 invented drink absinthe contains large quantities of wormwood. Herb, finely cut, Excellent Quality, Poland (50 grams)

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50 grams finely cut herb.


In small dosages it can be used as a remedy against rheumatism or to increase the appetite. In common dosages wormwood can give a peaceful, relaxing and narcotic feeling. Prepared as absinth or in larger dosages it can be hallucinogetic.


To make absinthe: Take about 4 grams of wormwood and soak it for a couple of weeks in ½ – ¾ liter of liquor (>40% alcohol). For a better taste use a liquor with anise taste. Sift it and the drink is ready for use. For absinthe recipes search the internet. Try a little first to make sure of the dosage.


Wormwood is poisonous. Long and intensive use can lead to addiction, corporal and psychical decline and it can lead to nervosity, restlessness and cramps. High doses can cause headaches and dizziness. Higher doses are psycho-activating and have a paralyzing effect. Intoxication effects due to overdose are arbitrary stools, unconsciousness, coma and death. After making absinthe, try one small glass at first and wait about an hour for the effect. Try it again at another opportunity. Better to dose too less with no effects than too much, risking poisoning yourself or making yourself sick. Do not drive motorized vehicles under the influence of wormwood.

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